Cyber security is the application of different types of technologies and controls in order to protect systems, networks, programs, etc from cyber attacks. thus providing solutions that help maintain the security of the systems.


Electronic security systems or ESS are physical electronic equipment that provides for security-related performances like intrusion control, video surveillance, access control, and alarming which are also under intrusion control, there are also gears that are electrical and mechanical.


Electronic signage which is another name for digital signage points to display technologies like LED, LCD monitors, and projection for displaying webpages, videos, digital images and streaming media. it can also be used in public spaces to display transportation systems, it is used in museums, in restaurant menu displays, and in corporate buildings. it also helps with digital marketing messages.

A queue machine is a system used to control queues. the queues can be of people that form for various reasons, situations, and locations.  


BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS)  is a control system that can be used to monitor and manage the mechanical, electrical and electromechanical services in a facility. Such services can include power, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, physical access control, pumping stations, elevators and lights.

Basically it takes care of important and necessary parts of maintenance services.


A collaboration solution is software that enables communication and collaboration on a grand scale. There are different iterations of collaboration solutions, with varying features like web, video and audio conferencing, as well as chat, IM, presence, file and screen sharing and even project management capabilities.


The key to finding the perfect collaboration software for your organization is to first identify your team’s unique collaborative needs.         


Techno station provides options that help secure and protect smart infrastructures from cyber-attacks and threats. the company promotes good security practices and proposes good recommendations to clients.         


This service is usually made for businesses like retail and healthcare since they need to follow with many rules and regulations concerning their use of IT.

this service can be used to solve problems concerning encryption, disaster recovery, security, and monitoring and also helps with consulting and audits of the facility.


An HVAC system is a system that controls the regulation of air within a building either residential or commercial.
its main function is to provide thermal comfort within these spaces. this system can be central or local it differs depending on the type of space the service is required in. central system is applied on a large scale and the system is placed away from the facility it provides for usually on rooftops or beside the building itself, but local systems provide only for small spaces or specific zones that require a different type of conditioning than the other zones. They can also be found in a conditioned area.

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